July 15, 2009

I have upgraded to version 5.
Version 4 was a private testing operation.
I’m finally writing out some actual blog entries and am making a fresh new start.
Please visit:


Here’s some interesting video…

Hi from Multitouch Barcelona on Vimeo.


May 2, 2009

Wow… It’s already finals now…

Hmm… These are the finals that I have to take….

  • Physics of Musical Sound (Monday)
  • Spanish (Tuesday)
  • Calculus 122 (Friday)

Studying for Physics of Musical Sound now… what we call PMS…. hahahahahhahahahahaha -0-

Time of the Year

January 1, 2009

It’s that time of the year again…
The time when a year comes to an end as well as a year starts all over.
It’s the time of the year, in which I:
– Notice how I never keep my promises of updating blogs
– Try to keep updating in the new year
– Try updating knowing that I will fail miserably
– Trying to find a new start….

dunno what i’m trying to say here.

Everything simply put, Happy New Year!
Hope everything was OK in the past year and will be OK in the coming year as well.


October 11, 2008

As funny as this may sound, I’m actually not in West Wing cluster doing my programming homework…. I’m actually in another dorm that isn’t mine… I’m at Welch…

Anyway… I believe that nothing is really working out as I planned lately… Nothing seems to be going to my plan… Then again, one could always argue that I never really had a plan to begin with (as everyone knows, I really don’t think much about life to begin with…), but I do have some kind of goals and future in my mind… However, I must admit, that nothing… really NOTHING is going as planned!

My friends are all going through trouble, including myself…. Sadness TOTALUS…

random comments here on my blog… just to let my emotions go… T.T


September 30, 2008

It’s unbelievable indeed…

Time has passed and the temperatures are announcing that fall has finally and officially has come.
It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a month since I began to attend CMU.

I remember someone telling me that once you’re passed October you will survive for the remainder of the college life. I’m really doubting that now that October is finally approaching and I only have one month left to figure out whether I am truly surviving this whole entire college deal.

Before coming to college, everyone made a big deal out of it. How the professors won’t be nice as the teacher I had in high school, or the thought that everything is going to get so tough and life won’t be easy. The stereotypical thoughts of college including making new friends, creating a future, and life time goals… these were all just repeatedly put into my head that it lost its meaning to me.

Prior to the whole CMU experience, I had no fears about college. In fact, one could argue that I had no thought nor opinion whatsoever regarding college to begin with. I dearly lived in the present and thought nothing of what lay ahead of me. I literally lived today as if there was no tomorrow. I wasn’t psychologically ready to be hit by this “college experience.”

What’s true, from what I found out, once I’m here, is that making new friends as a college student is harder than making new friends in the kindergarten playground as a 5 year old. But once you get to know the people, they’re nice. Once you’re through it, you truly understand that making new friends isn’t as bad as what people tell you.

The workload? Sure you’re spending sleepless nights in the library many times a week, but again, it’s not as bad as people claim to be. It’s doable.


September 19, 2008

It’s been a long day. Again. We spent the whole night at the Hunt Library once again and there was quite a few episodes last night.
I would obviously rather not go into details here, but I can say that it involved pills. Whatever the case is, I can assure you that everything is now ok.
I was planning to get my programming homework done so that I wouldn’t have to stay up all night today, but I guess I will be spending my night at the west wing cluster once again. This would mean a full night of annoyance and grungy people. It would also probably mean a long night of photobooth fun. LOL.
*sigh*.. Today is going to be along day with four classes despite being a Friday. I really hope that I could rest some time this weekend. I’ll see how that goes.

iPod nano

September 18, 2008

oh! Guess what?!

I received the new iPod nano! The blue one to be exact! (I prefer the green one, but I didn’t buy it so I guess I won’t be complaining)

I’ll talk about it later.


September 15, 2008

Well guess what!

I’m not at the West Wing cluster today!!! yay!!!! haha

The reason as to why I’m not at the West Wing cluster today is somewhat similar to the announcement that I’m about to make to all CMU students…

The Hunt library is now open 24 hours for the remainder of the fall semester!

So yes… It’s 5:44 am and yes, I played around with Photo Booth again some time in the night, and yes, I’m not sleeping. But NO! I’m NOT at the West Wing cluster! haha.
I’m at the first floor next to “The MAGGIE MURPH Cafe” (which is closed anyway from the students ODing on double shots), writing this blog post up into my beloved WordPress that keeps me in contact with myself from the future to the past. (whatever the heck I was trying to say there…)

So yeah! I’m probably going to be writing my midnight posts from the Library now. In fact, I might just as well move in here because you can sleep here too! The power sleep thing that’s here next to the tables is amazing… I just tried it out; not slept in it though, yet it’s the best thing ever. It actually rotates and moves and vibrates and lights up inside to wake you up once the timer is done. Hilariously nice.

Anyhow, I was just thinking that I should post pictures up here as well. It seems so bland to see my blog without any visual impact. After all, the layout isn’t helping either, eh? Red and Black and no pictures. Just words. It all adds up to no fun. Anyway, I’m probably going to radically change my blog soon. Maybe I should’ve just not said anything at all because I might not do anything about it, but whatever. Right? haha

So here’s the deal CMUers!

The Hunt Library is now open 24 hours until the end of the fall semester!!!!!!!
Make good use of it!

West Wing… again

September 13, 2008

My first visit to the West Wing cluster was 2 days ago… or technically 3 days ago… wait… it’s morning now on Saturday, so 4 days ago…
Wow, day counts are getting so hard these days and time flies!

If day counts aren’t your thing (apparently it’s not my thing), I shall tell you that I first visited the West Wing cluster on wednesday. I was working quite hard at the library, doing math and other whatnots, then at 3 am, we were thrown out with the annoying ringer. For those at CMU, they know what ring I’m talking about. It’s quite hard to describe in words; something like a muffled 3 short school bell rings that scare the hell out of you when you are concentrated in your work and hear the – what it seems like – earth shattering sound.
Anyway, we (meaning myself and 3 others) decided to go to the West Wing cluster, because the UC is always way too cold with the AC turned on to the max.
I was astonished with the amount of computers (of different operating systems; macs, windows, and linux) as well as the smartboards, the wall (which was a whiteboard on its own), and small group study area.
That night, I left the place shortly after arriving, procrastinating, deciding to sleep. As I walked home, I thought to myself, ‘I’m definitely going back there some time.’ The sad bit is that I ended up there every single night then after until now.

The next day on a Thursday night, the usual bell goes off at Hunt library and I walk to West Wing to finish up on my physics homework and get a quick start on my programming assignment. Around 3 am, Minji walks in claiming that she needs to print something… Young ha, Minji and I ended up staying up the whole entire night showing each other our home towns as well as vacation places on Google Earth (we love the caribbean). Oh, I almost forgot; we also reminisced upon the latin american way of “partying.” We miss Tequila awfully a lot. We stayed until 7:30 am and went to Schatz to eat breakfast and I went straight to class… on Friday.

Friday, now yesterday, as weird as it seems to me right now (I still believe I’m stuck on Thursday night), the programming people taking 15-100 with Roberts had our assignment due the next morning. We initially went to Hunt library to quickly find out that they close early on fridays – at 9 pm. We quickly gathered our things and headed out to… the West Wing cluster.
We pretty much wrestled with our laptops while staying there; frustrated over not getting things done right, we tried to enjoy our time together, laughing while looking at the photo booth pictures taken from my mac the previous night. It was soon 1 am and Young ha and Sang ho went back home (Sang ho is not taking the course, yet he decided to tag along; he seemed to have enjoyed my selection of music on my iPod. Boys Like Girls, anyone?). I was left with Jiho for the next hour and Jiho simply gave up and went home, telling me to call him as soon as I’m done, whenever that may be. I did. It was 3:30 am.
He asked to meet at 6:00 am; I agreed. And guess where we met at… West Wing cluster. Jiho reluctantly gave up on the assignment; he just couldn’t find the files. We are now at the UC, looking outside at the gloomy day with the drizzle trying to find out where we could eat breakfast. CMU seems to assume that everyone is sleeping in late on saturdays; the earliest ones opening is at 10:30 am unlike 7:30 on normal weekdays.

I must say, my quick attraction to the West Wing cluster and naive thought of “wanting to come study here again,” was a… … stupid one. I ended up being half of this week now; I actually spent more time there than the amount of time spent in my dorm all this week. Now, it seems to have become a second home to me on CMU.

Oh, West Wing cluster, how I despise you, you remind me of the work I’ve been doing in there for the past few days! (I believe I’m genuinely going crazy lately… more on that later)